Music Management Assistant Services

“We’ve got you covered wherever you are!”

-Full day to day management of your contacts, calendars and communications via e-mail, telephone and other tools… We enhance your communication presence across all areas of your business, making sure follow ups are always done and updates are always sent out, in a methodical way. More info on our tech tools…

-Keeping your team coordinated for maximum effectiveness – We co-ordinate your team of people so that they are kept in constant communication and keep you connected to them even when you’re working while on the go, providing daily reports of what’s happening and consult with you on the priorities.

-Concert Booking/Logistics – We search for venues that are relevant to the act and find out who’s booking them. Then we methodically contact them via phone and e-mail until they decide whether they will book the act. We can participate in negotiations, consulting with you and the artists when decisions are required.

concert booking

-Talent Screening/Search – Got an inbox full of bands wanting you to check them out? We can go through the list based on your criteria and present to you only the types of artists that you are actually searching for. Looking for your next band? We can search through music scenes to find the types of artists you’re looking for.

-Administrative Help – Need help keeping your expenses up to date? Don’t have time to send out and track payments for invoices? Need financial reports and projections? We can handle all of that for you, paperless, online.

-Contract Facilitation – We send out contracts and for signing and make sure they are filed and stored correctly. Need a new contract with special terms? Hire one of our premium consultants with decades of experience in the music business to consult on what should go in the deal should entail.

-Website / Social network management for artists and managers – Do not have enough time to keep you or your artists’ online profiles up to date? We will work with you to make the right social media strategy for the situation.

-Conference Optimization – Going to a conference? We will spend hours searching the database of all delegates and make a spreadsheet of ones that are relevant to your goals and get in touch with them and followup to organize a meeting with you. Conferences are more productive the more you plan ahead. Don’t leave it up to chance meetings… After the conference we keep the dialogue going.